First Jane gets heavy, and decides
she likes a teapot with a burner
and visits to the gynecologist.
All this fooling around in trees
was fun when she was young,
but it gets old quick, as quick
as a person ages, or quicker.
She takes off for the big city,
promising to be in touch.
He’s not sure she isn’t right.
It’s not as easy as it once was
to swing from vine to vine.
Last week he pulled a bicep.
The week before he sprained
both ankles sticking a landing.
The monkeys only laughed.
His back aches. And his teeth!
What he wouldn’t do for a dentist.
Days he can’t leave the tree house.
Still, what can he do in the city?
His only experience is fighting
lions and tigers hand to claw
and halving coconuts with his head.
He supposes he’ll have to tough it out.
He only wishes the mail service was better.
That letter from Jane is long overdue.

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