Cover Image:“Hidden,” by Nina Wilson

Fall 2015: Poetry, Volume 46, Number 1


Albert – Fiona Collins

Hurricane Jumper 1 – Anton Jones

My Kids’ Favorite Things – Anton Jones

I Pooped my Pants in Boot Camp – Ron Riekki

The Alligator in the Kitchen, Lessburg Florida, Wednesday – Ron Riekki

I Once Had Sex with Halloween – Ron Riekki

Leaving Libya – Carl Boon

Choice – Lori Levy

Habits – Parker Ethan Krall

Connected in Some Fragmented Way – Laura Coe Moore

Cats and Dogs – Tonja Robins

Southern Ohio – Abigail Goodhart

inside a salem parlor – Jake Tringali

Think Lutefisk – Sheryl L. Nelms

The Girl Notebooks – Stephen Whitaker

As the End of the World Approaches – Ace Boggess

“So What Happens Next?” – Ace Boggess

The Importation of Useful Animals – Laryssa Wirstiuk

Steer – Jackie Duden

Olive – Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad

Switch –Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad

Not in the Mood for Love – John Grey

The Books – John Grey

When the Lights Go Out – Ron McFarland

Thanks for Not Calling – Michael Salcman

The Wound – Alexander Curren Stinton

Cava – Alexander Curren Stinton

Voice from a Carrefour South of the Seine – Jeffrey Alfier

Lost in Translation – Charlene Ashley Taylor

Ornithologies – James Mc Elroy

Glutton’s Prayer – Randal McCraw Helms

Drought – Gary Metheny

Not Quite an Angel – Seth Jani

Epidural – Derek Sugamosto

The Ocean Carries my Message to You – Melissa Parietti

Rehearsal – Lauren Bender

But Enough About Me – Woodrow Hightower

Like Many Giant Footprints – William Doreski

Marthy Canary – Kevin Heaton

January Suns – Joyce Janca-Aji

October – Joyce Janca-Aji

Upgrade – D. R. James

Teacher – D. R. James

Memorable Cigarettes – John Repp

We were playing shuffleboard at the Last Chance Saloon when a fight broke out on the tile-chipped dance floor – Brian Collier

Contrails – Brian Collier

Weathered – Brian Collier

Bone Needle – John Sibley Williams

Such Orphanage – John Sibley Williams

Blank – Gil Zamora

The Young Father – Lowell Jaeger

Who’d do a Thing Like That? – Lowell Jaeger

(Almost) Best in the World – Alex Andrew Hughes

It’s All Tangled Up Over There – Martin H. Levinson

The Color Orange (While I am on Drugs) – Katie Rejsek

Cosmic Grime – Katie Rejsek

Kafka Turned Round – Leslie Philibert

Chicken Curry – emm rose borgerding

Making Music – Tanner Brossart

Small and Smaller – Lana Bella

Lake Mushroom Cloud – Daniel Moore

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