Cover Image: “Never Forgotten,” by Caitlin McKendry

Fall 2014: Poetry, Volume 45, Number 1


The Opening  Jeffrey Zable

Smoke Jumper  Matthew Hamilton

Joansie  Sea Sharp

Sleeping with Kermit the Frog  Patrick Johnson

Inner City Tale  Dennis Trudell

Méliès, the Moon Has No Money  Linda Ann Strang

The Last Flower  Bruce McRae

Sister Saint  Heather Rick

Slipping  Emm Borgerding

After Without  Emm Borgerding

The Man at the Pizza Buffet  Brandyn Johnson

Tiger  Brandyn Johnson

Metamorphoses  Jonathan Greenhause

404 Page Not Found  Kevin Brown

Orienting Response  Kevin Brown

melancholy  Elena Botts

(and jump out)  Elena Botts

A Poem for Luis  Michelle Donahue

Hourglass  Susana H. Case

First Death  Susana H. Case

Two Poems for Frank Lloyd Wright  John Sibley Williams

Travelogue  John Sibley Williams

Memoir  John Sibley Williams

Absolutely, Positively 4th Street  Brenda Yates

Indio, California  Colin Dodds

pantoum of City Temple, Shanghai  Jeffrey Beck

Buyer’s Remorse by the 405  Sally Molini

Title: Alphabet Soup  Patricia P.

Say Uncle  Phillip Sterling

Fifi  Charles Rammelkamp

Refugees  Leslie Philibert

Lynn Shore  William Doreski

Like that Cat in the Barn  William Jolliff

Injury  Domenic Scopa

Lady Prufrock  Candice Glydwell

Rejection  Tanner Brossart

Rewind (Pangaea)  Tanner Brossart

Disrepair  Canon Parker

Fly Ribbon  Vladimir Swirynsky

Directory Assistance, How May I Direct Your Call?  Matthew Woodman

Place Setting  Myron Ernst

Life  Dan Morris

Comfort Loop  Alan Jernigan

Stupid Childish Ecstasy  Alan Jernigan

Subway Gospel  Matthew Ulland

Portrait of the young man…  Joyce Janca-Aji

True Love  Joyce Janca-Aji

Sniff  Gale Acuff

Riverstones  Allison Grayhurst

Stop Hitting Yourself — Anton Jones

Last Doctors in Aleppo, June 2014  Ann Struthers

Decisions  Brad Garber

Night School  Larry Narron

The Oldest Guy in the Arcade  John Grey

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