CR 44.1
Cover Image: “Human Prism,” by Anna Carpenter

Fall 2013: Poetry, Volume 44, Issue 1


Elvis’ Car — William Miller

Sojourn — Nylah Lyman

Perennial Garden Stitch Assist, High Resolution — Nylah Lyman

Insomnia — Ivan de Monbrison

Discovery — Robert M. Randolph

Asymmetric — Robert Huotari

The Thing You Lift — Robert Huotari

A Woman’s Apartment — Ace Boggess

In Deference to the Thunderstorm — Ace Boggess

Any Insult Would Be Better — Olivia McElwain

Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico — Lyn Lifshin

Bankers’ Lullaby — Nancy Carol Moody

Smelly Poem — Paul Hostovsky

The Only Question — Paul Hostovsky

Divorces — Robert Stout

Radioactivity — Glenn Halak

Us, we knew — Peter Madsen

The Rhizomal Magnetic Spleen — Peter Madsen

True Story Tuesday — Peter Madsen

Odors — Richard Dinges, Jr.

Blood in the Wood — David Alexander McFarland

Old Soul Reflections During Meditation — Brycical

Something Love Resembles — Jonathan Greenhause

The Big Guys at Bat — James Hazen

Punishment: The Pet Gorilla — Kevin Griffith

Punishment: The Dryer — Kevin Griffith

Twenty-One — William Spencer

An Introduction to Algebraic Coding Theory and Alzheimer’s Disease — Zach Wood-Doughty

A Three Minute Response to Mary Oliver — Joyce Janca-Aji

My Seance with Toulouse-Lautrec — Noel Sloboda

Face — Alexander Boyd

Kaolinite — Caroline Lauth

Prayers — Savannah Cooper

At the Bar Full of Rotting Animals — Darien Cavanaugh

Some Change for the Time Man — Tom Pescatore

& where do we go? — Tom Pescatore

April Morning On Long Beach — Michael Carrino

Can You Smell It? — Patrick Johnson

Oh, to be a fine, young trailblazer — Brian Collier

Silent Gift — Robert Karaszi

Home Comforts — Anthony Arnott

Le Dejeuner Sur L’Herbe — Richard Donnelly

Measuring Heart — Lisa Harris

don’t stop — Dustin Brown

Run-on — Paulina Harrison

Our Father — Howard Winn

The Prophet Amos Adds A Postscript — William Jolliff

Artist’s Bio: the Banjo Guy on Fourth and Main — William Jolliff

Bag of Hope — Michele Bombardier

Coyote Dreams — M. Sioned Curoe

The Trick to Being Shameless — M. Sioned Curoe

For Marica — Ariana Uding

Dandelion Sugar — Ariana Uding

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