Cover Image: "Red," by Ellen Burns

Fall 2011: Poetry, Volume 42, Issue 1


Boxy Poem for Mr. Beck — Paul Hostovsky

C. Bowen, Plumber — Paul Hostovsky

That Place Back There — Scott T. Hutchinson

East St. Paul — Erynn Norris

City Portrait #2 — Ariana Uding

Tom Mix — William B. Wright

House Beautiful — Liz Drayer

Mad Woman of Suburbia — John Grey

Photography: Silhouettes and Grays — Stefani Wright

i am dying of famine — Mikaela Cook

Oklahoma Two-Part Poem — John Thornburg

Friends of my Childhood — Ann Struthers

Not Knowing Why — Ann Struthers

Writing Moby Dick — Ann Struthers

Alcott’s Axe — Ann Struthers

Mother and Marmee — Ann Struthers

Coleridge and Wordsworth’s Gang — Ann Struthers

Dancing Among Women — Ann Struthers

Phlebas the Phoenician — Ann Struthers

The Road to Work — Ann Struthers

Planting the Cherry Seed — Ann Struthers

The End of the Day — Ann Struthers

Union County Street — William Jollif

What About This Weather? — William Jollif

Med Head — Tony Tracy

Stuff of Legend — Tony Tracy

Gentlemen — Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán

Reminiscing About Hoffa at the Ivy Rose Motor Inn — D.A. Lockhart

The Endless Unknown — Arlene L. Mandell

Seven Billion Divided by One — Sharon Rose

Old Coat — William Spencer

The Question — Whitney Hu

Nomad — Hannah Keast

Pied Brunch — George Such

Paul and Victoria — Eric Paul Shaffer

Without Turning On the Lights — Eric Paul Shaffer

Dutchman’s Pipe — Ann Robinson

The Tree — Andrew Spencer

Peculiar Smoke — Michael T. Young

Riddle — James Valvis

At the Gym — James Valvis

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