Cover Image: "Fields of Perspective," by Erin Brandt

Fall 2010: Poetry, Volume 41, Issue 1


My Sisters in Iowa — Judy Ireland

Sweeping — Judy Ireland

The Orange Era — Hailey Malone

I Die Stage Left — Hailey Malone

Moonwalkers — Hailey Malone

Bust — Paul Hostovsky

Bureaucratic Copy For Good Temps — Rob Cook

To the March Hare — Diya Chaudhuri

The Lives of Commerce (4) — Jeff Alessandrelli

Sleepwalker — Tonya Ward Singer

Rodeo Girl — Steve Shilling

spoon full of sugar — Rhian Beutler

Love in Motion — Kacie Svoboda

a vision of freedom — Kacie Svoboda

This Place I Am — William Jolliff

Still Fishing — William Jolliff

Some Notes After the Fact — Nancy Carol Moody

She Holds Me In a Vial — Jason Bradford

Trouble Breathing — Jason Bradford

Marine — Jason Bradford

Under the Surface — Janice D. Soderling

The Whale Hunt — Kai Laursen

Honeysuckle — James Doyle

Climbing the Skyscraper — James Doyle

I Come From An Oboe Family — James Doyle

Dear Alexander — Jennifer Ettinger

Dance Imperative — Phyllis Grilikhes

Arson — Julia Wendell

Peonies — Julia Wendell

“thursday, august 4th, columbus circle” — Leigh Vandebogart

A Recipe for Diaspora — Iris Garcia

Pieces in the Loam — Rachael Van Essen

Liqueur With Birds on the Bottle — Timothy Black

Lips — Lyn Lifshin

Moon and Freckle — Nick Bertelson

Some of the Women — Nick Bertelson

Waterfall — Joel Solonche

Exercise For Forgetting — Vivian Eyre

Nutrition — Leta Keane

The Mountain — Elle Pryor

The Tender Worms — Stephen Germic

A Year Without Poetry — Amanda Moore

Opening the Hive — Amanda Moore

The Broken Leg — Amanda Moore

Ithaca — Amanda Moore

September 10 — Amanda Moore

Cahokia — Hannah Craig

It’s Like This — Robert Parham

True Miracles — Ann Struthers

Before Venus Rising — Ann Struthers

The Road To Work — Ann Struthers

Interstate Vesper — Taylor Eagan

In Addition To Water — Taylor Eagan

Some Lines for Len Schrader — Charles Aukema

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