Cover Image: "Rooster, a Self Portrait" by Elizabeth Gaffney

Fall 2009: Poetry, Volume 40, Issue 1


Cracker Ceremony — Tim Staley

Breaking the News — Charles Springer

Bearded Swimmer — Cat Dixon

Analyzing Throat Sensations — Jason Bradford

Box of Disquiet — Suzanne Scarfone

Elevator Music — Teresa Breeden

Vivian in Vino Veritas — Ann Struthers

Against Ornamentation — Ann Struthers

Falling — Kristine Ong Muslim

potatoes — Ethan Connor

I Love You — Hayley Berkshire

God, Dan — Paul Hostovsky

Flies — Ralph Burns

In the Barking Park — Stephen Kessler

Scratch Pegasus — Stephen Kessler

Sleeping with Lorca — Lyn Lifshin

How to Approach Visual Poetry — Linda Back McKay

Attention Historians! — Darrell Epp

Cytology — R. D. Drexler

Ringo — Amorak Huey

The Good Life — Brian Daldorph

My Father’s Voice — William O. Burns

Aardvark — William O. Burns

change — Kacie Svoboda

The Precision Haircut — Andrea Bates

At the Strand — John Azrak

Cattle Guard — Gwen Monohan

Hades Tailgating — Jesse Dunstan

Sign of Spring — Richard Dinges, Jr.

Winter — Kiely Prouty

A Sundial — John McKernan

sunday matinee — Andy Johnson

His Early Promise Unfulfilled — Bruce McRae

Stop the Clock — Bruce McRae

Halfway Between — Dan Pette

Sonnet on a Line from Elizabeth Bishop — Anne Higgins

check out them clouds: — Ayla Crosswhite

fades to yellow: — Ayla Crosswhite

someone’s gonna die: — Ayla Crosswhite

My Astrophysicist Brother Takes a Nap — Robert J. Tillett

Ceremony — D M Gordon

Close the Door — Michael Malan

The Myth of Washington’s Wooden Dentures — Douglas Collurd

Trauma Patient #25 — Carol Scott-Conner

Cotton: A Sort of Sestina — Eric Paul Shaffer

A Small Gathering of Light — Eric Paul Shaffer

Animal Dreams — Jane Medved

Crows — Justina Cline

Art Appreciation — Alison Hornbeck

Autumn Furlough 1943 — Jeanette I. Winthrop

Fleda Brown Removes ‘the parade’ From Her Poem — C B Follett

My Mother’s Bones — C B Follett

Dali’s Dream — Ellie Grossman

Afflicted — Raul Clement

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