With a text in the morning I tell you my dream

that you and I went for a hike that felt like flying
and then at your house we made dinner with blue rice
and outlandish vegetables

You wrote back faster than ever
           what do u mean a dream
           you only left a couple hours ago

My heart skipped a beat
and you made me smile
but what I mean is

What if you dreamt of me too?
What if this morning we had breakfast together
and I gave you a vine cutting

from my favorite plant and you could keep it in your kitchen window?
What if you believed in God? Would it kill you,
I mean, to tell me about the song that reminds you of me?

Or am I the only one of us
so hungry to care for the other
that I invent new fruits for you while I sleep?


Poem by Emma Hodges
Art by Zoë Mazurkiewicz

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