“S”, conceived by J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst (but only written by the latter) contains a “fake” book, titled Ship of Theseus, written by fake author, V. M. Straka. Two college students, Jen and Eric, have written notes and theories about the enigmatic Straka in the margins. Postcards, maps, photos, letters, and other related materials lie within the pages.

Ship of Theseus is an engaging read in its own right. The title comes from the Theseus Paradox, which questions: if a ship is completely dismantled, but rebuilt with new parts, is it still the same ship? The main character is an amnesiac posing the same question. Is he still the same man, even if he can’t even remember who that man was?

This book is not just a story- it is an experience. Treat yourself to it.

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