Look me in the eye.

Look me in the eye, boy.

You think I wanna be here? In this. damn. town.?

You think I wanna be here, boy?

I said look at me! Look at me, boy!

I didn’t know…

I didn’t know…that this is ride-through or die-through type town. Nobody told me that two nights would turn into the rest of my life.

I never got a warnin’. What’s the harm in stoppin’ one night? Or two? Oregon can wait. Well, Oregon’s still waitin’ on me.

Boy, I dunno how the rules apply to you–I think they’d be worse, you being born here, never havin’ left here.. I don’t know if you can ever make it out.

But I know that you got all the fight that this town drained outta me. Oregon’s too far away for your mama, but maybe it’s closer for you.

‘Sides, I…I’m gonna be goin’ somewhere else real soon.

Real soon, boy. Real soon.

You gotta leave, you gotta go. You gotta go. And I’ll be goin’, too.

So look me in the eye, boy. Look me in the eye.

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