Dandelion Sugar — Ariana Uding

It’s Thursday, my mascara smells
like alcohol, something strong
and boozy like, 12 dollar fifth of gin
and gluey eyes,
the stranger at the bar leans across the table
and I put a fork in his hand and then
read an article that says
toss if smell changes
becomes a mantra
that milk smells, toss it
do laundry or toss it
fish smells fishy, time to toss it
my mascara smells like alcohol
my eyes smell like alcohol
my coat smells like alcohol


The Prophet Amos Adds a Postscript — William Jolliff

Hear this word, you cow of Bashan,
who are on the mountains of Samaria,
who oppress the poor, who crush the need…

As I said, the Lord called me, took me away
from my flocks, told me, “Boy, give’m hell.”
And it was nothing short of hell I gave them.
He showed me a vision—think twice before
you pray for that—and told me what to say.
So I left the farm, preached the word, and
came on home. But I’m no lily of the field.


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